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Shane Maloney

Aus der Feder von Shane Maloney stammt die Krimiserie um Murray Whelan.

Sucked In

Shane Maloney

Klappentext: Now pushing fifty, Murray is spinning his wheels in Parliament: a toothless cog in a stalled political machine. The millennium is coming but the prospect of Labor regaining power is utterly remote.

But when the remains of a long-dead union official are found in dried-up Lake Nillahcootie, Murray soon gets sucked into murky waters. For a start, it seems that his old mate Charlie Talbot was implicated. But Charlie has just dropped dead of a coronary occlusion in the dining room of the Mildura Grand Hotel, leaving a grieving widow and a lot of unanswered questions.

The press is sniffing around and Labor's enemies are lining up for a free kick. And then there's the blackmail attempt. And as if that wasn't enough there's an ALP preselection brawl arcing up.

Kindle: Sucked In

Sprache: Sprache der Ausgabe ISBN: 1921351440 Erschienen: Mai 2010

Something Fishy

Shane Maloney

Klappentext: This is the latest adventure of Melbourne's Rebus. Murray Whelan MP. Respectability at last. What's more, Murray has found true love in the person of the salty-tongued Lyndal Luscombe - who has in her possession a highly significant ultrasound photo. There must be a catch, and Murray's about to reel it in.

Kindle: Something Fishy

Sprache: Sprache der Ausgabe ISBN: 1841958107 Erschienen: Juli 2006

Big Ask

Shane Maloney

Klappentext: Murray is in serious trouble. With a disastrous election result looming, his days as a political minder seem numbered. But when his boss Angelo Agnelli picks a fight with the trucking industry and Murray finds himself on the receiving end of a fist at a city nightclub, his employment prospects are the least of his problems.

And that's before he finds himself in the back of a truck at the fruit and vegetable market at five in the morning, sampling Heather Maitland's melons. With a runaway son on his hands, the police at his heels and a gun buried in the backyard, Murray faces his toughest test yet.

Sprache: Sprache der Ausgabe ISBN: 1841954764 Erschienen: Mai 2004

Nice Try

Shane Maloney

Klappentext: When Murray Whelan, lovelorn political minder, and part-time fitness fanatic, is recruited to massage Australia's bid for the Olympics, he has no idea how tough the going will get. Not even the sight of the gorgeous Holly Deloite in her taut blue leotard at the City Club can stop him diving head first into trouble. And, when the death of the young Aboriginal athlete Darcy Anderson proves that murder is a contact sport, Murray is soon breaking all the rules.

Kindle: Nice Try

Sprache: Sprache der Ausgabe ISBN: 1841958093 Erschienen: Juli 2006

The Brush Off

Shane Maloney

Klappentext: When you dabble with death, there's nothing abstract about a loaded gun. . . . Tightly plotted, funny, and briskly paced, this Murray Whelan mystery won the Ned Kelly prize for Best Crime Novel, Australia's Edgar Award. Murray Whelan, political adviser to the newly appointed minister of culture, Angelo (""Tell me, Murray, what are the Arts?"") Agnelli, is hanging on to his job by his toenails after the most recent ministerial shakeup. His learning curve is forced quickly upward when, on his first day, the disgruntled young artist Marcus Taylor is found dead, drowned in the ornamental moat outside the National Art Gallery. The police rule it a suicide, or perhaps an accident. Murray is not so sure. Besides, this ugly incident occurred on Agnelli's watch, so the heat is on. A born detective despite himself, Murray digs, and the deeper he goes, the more puzzling the mystery becomes. Who is this other painter, Victor Szabo, also dead, unknown in his lifetime and now the darling of the art world, with works fetching crazy prices-funded in part by the government? And what about suave businessman and art maven Lloyd Eastlake, who is whispering financial sweet nothings in Angelo Agnelli's ear? A first rate, funny, tightly plotted thriller with the verve of Get Shorty and Striptease, The Brush-Off introduces an exciting new voice in crime writing and brings us a Down Under we hardly knew: of high rises and high ambition, political scamming and art fraud, ruthless culture vultures, silky bureaucrats, and scheming self-made millionaires-all brought together by a streetwise, sharp-tongued political minder who has a knack for stumbling onto murder. His crash course in culture teaches him one thing for certain: when you dabble with death, there's nothing abstract about a loaded gun.

Sprache: Sprache der Ausgabe ISBN: 1611452392 Erschienen: April 2011


Shane Maloney

Klappentext: Murray Whelan thinks the everyday life of a political advisor is complicated enough: but now there are intimations of intrigue among the party powerful and his ex-wife is mounting a custody battle over his beloved son. So when you throw in a Turk snap-frozen in a local meat plant, drugs planted under the bed, fascist funeral rites, a killer car and blood-sucking parasites, things are suddenly spinning wildly out of control. That's when red-hot Ayisha knocks on the door...

Kindle: Stiff

Sprache: Sprache der Ausgabe ISBN: 1841955310 Erschienen: Januar 2005