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Australia's Coast

Explore Australia

Klappentext: The second edition of Explore Australia's Coast is a captivating guide to the Australian coast - its renowned hotspots and the experiences there which make them such a favourite destination for travellers worldwide. Featuring over 400 beautiful images from Australian Geographic, the book is divided by state and highlights the best beaches and coastal areas to visit. An extended introduction also focuses on coastal icons - lighthouses, shipwrecks, whales, coral, tropical islands - and the myriad coastal activities such as surfing, fishing and diving. Explore Australia's Coast is an essential for any beach and coast-lovers who want to experience the must-see spots of the Australian coastline.

Sprache: Sprache der AusgabeISBN: 1741174325Erschienen: Februar 2014

Explore Australia 2014

Explore Australia

Klappentext: Explore Australia continues to be the best-value travel guide and atlas on the market, and is an invaluable travel bible for anyone planning an extended holiday in Australia. Explore Australia 2014 has been fully updated and covers over 700 towns in detail and each of the country's capital cities. This trusted guidebook includes selected food and accommodation listings, a comprehensive atlas, the population for every major town across the country and detailed maps for key tourist towns. An overview of Australia covering the country's history, flora and fauna completes this package.

Sprache: Sprache der AusgabeISBN: 1741174228Erschienen: November 2013

1000 Great Places Travel with Kids in Australia

Anna Ciddor

Klappentext: Family holidays can often be a headache to plan, and feel more like hard work for parents than time to relax. 1000 Great Places to Travel with Kids in Australia offers a wealth of suggestions to keep kids entertained (and parents happy), including over 100 free attractions to visit. Divided into state chapters, author Anna Ciddor has carefully highlighted the best kid-friendly activities, events, eateries and accommodation options for each capital city, as well as the best regional destinations all year-round. She's also come up with fantastic 'Kids Quests' that will hold kids' attention for more than 5 minutes. And with information on travelling with toddlers, young children and 'tweens', every family will find this a lifesaver on road trips. Insider tips for parents, such as buying your tickets online to avoid queueing on the day with restless kids. Must-see attractions. Fabulous facts that will interest both parents and children. Recommendations on attractions for different age groups. Free, budget, mid-range as well as high-cost experiences. Kids Quests to keep your kids entertained (with answers for parents at the back of the book). Black and white images, and illustrations drawn by the author.

Kindle: 1000 Great Places Travel with Kids in Australia

Sprache: Sprache der AusgabeISBN: 174117340XErschienen: Februar 2011

Australia's Top Tourist Destinations

Klappentext: Fully revised and updated includes Aged Care, Bays and Beaches, Caravan and Camping sites. Includes fixed speed, and red light camera locations.

Sprache: Sprache der AusgabeISBN: 0731918878Erschienen: März 2006

Gregory's Australia: The Essential Touring Atlas

UBD Gregorys

Klappentext: An indispensible travelling companion. Informative text covers the historical background and local attractions for the towns and cities featured in the book along with detailed maps.

Sprache: Sprache der AusgabeISBN: 0731917529Erschienen: Mai 2005

1000 Great Places to Explore in Australia

Explore Australia

Klappentext: This title covers dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted travel related media and organisations. It features detailed information on each sate; top attractions and entertainment; the best places to stay and eat; and much more!Australia is a diverse and exciting country, full of natural wonders, intriguing sights, excellent entertainment and amazing places to stay."1000 Great Places to Explore in Australia" provides readers with meticulous information on the very best places Australia has to offer, from its famous destinations to its best kept secrets. Divided by state, each includes a brief introduction to the region and a map, as well as information on the capital city, and the area's top attractions, eateries and accommodation. Designed to suit the tastes and budget of all travellers, whether you're touring on a shoestring, or wanting to find an exclusive retreat, this book is destined to be your indispensable companion.

Sprache: Sprache der AusgabeISBN: 1741172497Erschienen: November 2007

Explore Australia's Outback

Explore Australia, Australian Geographic

Klappentext: Packed with over 200 beautiful colour photographs, Explore Australia's Outback is a stunning illustrated guide to Australia's remote country u to iconic landmarks, outback pubs, distant stations, magnificent national parks, wildlife and ancient rock art. If you are planning a trip, or just dreaming about one, your journey through the outback starts here. Explore Australia's Outback is an inspirational and practical guide to the places and experiences of the Australian outback. Co-published with Australian Geographic, it combines Explore Australia's expertise in producing quality Australian travel and recreational guides with Australian Geographic's stunning photography and knowledge of the Australian environment. Explore Australia's Outback features the Red Centre, the Top End, the Tropical Outback, Corner Country, the Arid South-East, the South-West, the Pilbara and Western Deserts as well as the Kimberley. It features the outback's best Aboriginal art, bush tucker, wildlife and World Heritage areas, station stays and great outback pubs as well as activities like bushwalking, fishing and four-wheel driving. A region-by-region guide to the outback, highlighting unique natural features, national parks, cultural heritage, and an amazing range of experiences and activities to enjoy Practical travel tips and contact details Over 30 detailed maps produced by Australian Geographic's mapping experts Over 200 brilliant photographs capturing the diversity and richness of the outback Special features on outback highlights, from great 4WD treks and World Heritage areas, to station stays and fishing spots

Sprache: Sprache der AusgabeISBN: 1741173396Erschienen: Oktober 2010

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